Switching from Facebook & Myspace to www.Aroundtheway.com

So the truth is that I am constantly on the computer because I work from home. I am a private investor and business owner. I  use social networking to kind of promote my business. I mean i also use social networking to stay in touch with old friends. Truth is Twitter suspends my account when i promote my business, Myspace is to slow and people think I am a spam and Facebook limits me. I was talking to a friend of mine about a  couple of months back and she told me i had to check out this website called http://www.Aroundtheway.com.  I was astonished by the many features I can use. For one, I can create a business account on  ATW.com. I can blog about my company, put up videos, and even advertise on there radio station. And that’s just the business aspect of the site. The radio station on ATW allows you to listen music as you use there other features. They have a dressing room where any person can dress a mannequin with the latest fashions and find out where to get the clothes. These features are incredible! I do also have family over seas and this website allows me to keep in touch with them through video chat. ATW is a local based site that keeps you interacted with in your community. For instance i buy/sell houses, and a user in my community is looking for a buyer and they search for buyers in there community my business pops up! Im telling you bloggers this is one site you can’t pass on. The best part is, is that the website is free.


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